How LinkedIn Lead Generation Can Help Small Businesses?

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LinkedIn is a social media platform that primarily caters to business and employment purposes. It has gained popularity among B2B marketers making it the most widely used social media network for distributing content. Utilizing LinkedIn lead generation can be a strategy for discovering clients, customers and expanding your small business. 

1. LinkedIn: The Ideal Social Media Channel for B2B Networking

When it comes to B2B networking LinkedIn stands out as the social media channel. However, its benefits go beyond networking; it serves as a platform to enhance your online presence and attract new customers through the powerful tool of LinkedIn lead generation. 

With 93% of B2B marketers utilizing LinkedIn for distribution it’s no surprise that 50% of B2B buyers rely on this platform when making purchasing decisions. Furthermore, after establishing connections with vendors or suppliers, over half (51%) continue to engage with them through LinkedIn. 

Notably professionals spend more time on LinkedIn than any social network—averaging 59 minutes weekly! 

2. A Business Oriented Social Media Platform

LinkedIn distinguishes itself as a social media platform designed specifically for professionals. Its core focus revolves around fostering business relationships. Offers opportunities to network with professionals while also enabling businesses to find valuable prospects, potential employees and reliable suppliers. 

LinkedIn can be effectively utilized by businesses to establish a presence attracting a larger clientele and generating valuable leads for their business. In fact, you can even consider reaching out to a LinkedIn marketing agency specifically tailored to the needs of businesses. 

3. Did you know that as of December 2018, there are over 610 million users on LinkedIn, with about 303 million using the platform?

It’s quite impressive! What makes it more interesting is that LinkedIn stands as the go to social media platform for B2B marketers. Surprisingly over half of all B2B buyers have a presence on LinkedIn while 80% of business owners actively engage with it. Notably it’s also where you’ll find that 90% of B2B marketers. 


By utilizing LinkedIn for generation purposes, you gain the ability to efficiently connect with your target audience. This connection can ultimately lead to increased sales figures, quality leads and valuable referrals. The platform offers user features such as posting updates on your profile page or sending personalized messages (known as InMails) to other users. Furthermore, you can create interest-based groups (known as LinkedIn Groups). Share news articles from reputable publications like Forbes or Entrepreneur with your network through Pulse Newsfeeds. Additionally, you can expand your network by inviting prospects using Lookalike Audiences based on available information from sources like Facebook or Twitter profiles—there’s so much more waiting! 

Oh! Did you know that within the realms of LinkedIn activity technology takes the lead, among industries closely followed by finance and insurance? It’s fascinating how these sectors dominate this networking space. 

4.Oh! Did you know that within the realms of LinkedIn activity technology takes the lead, among industries closely followed by finance and insurance? It's fascinating how these sectors dominate this networking space.

The technology, finance and insurance sectors top the list of industries on LinkedIn. Other popular industries include healthcare, manufacturing, real estate, retail and more. This ranking is subject to change as the economy evolves. It’s important to understand where your industry stands in the market. If you want to reach customers in these areas, consider seeking assistance from a LinkedIn marketing agency. 

5. Did you know that 50% of B2B buyers rely on LinkedIn when making purchasing decisions?

The statistics speak for themselves. LinkedIn lead generation is a tool for sales teams and marketers in the B2B realm who are looking to grow their business. With over 500 million users on the platform, it serves as a networking hub within your industry. Offers opportunities to connect with new clients. Additionally, it can be utilized for talent sourcing and nurturing relationships with existing customers. 


6. Enough businesses make up over half of all shared content on LinkedIn—not individuals.

As a business oriented social media platform LinkedIn enables users to connect with others in their industries while establishing themselves as thought leaders. It ranks second among B2B marketers preferred social media platforms due to its percentage of business shared content. 


And it’s not surprising at all; 88% of business owners have reported that LinkedIn lead generation has been instrumental in their quest for new clients and customers. When marketers are asked about their preferred platform, they reveal that LinkedIn is where they invest most of their time. Additionally, when it comes to B2B lead generation LinkedIn surpasses all channels with a 67% usage rate. 

7. An impressive 81% of small business owners credit LinkedIn with enabling them to discover clientele and customers.

For business owners there’s no social media channel than LinkedIn when it comes to B2B networking. 


8. You can join up to 50 groups related to your industry or areas of interest on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn groups provide an avenue for maximizing your LinkedIn experience. By joining groups that align with your industry or interests you can establish connections with minded individuals who face similar challenges in their own businesses. If you haven’t already done so it is highly recommended that you start joining these groups.


9. Small businesses can reap benefits from utilizing LinkedIn

With the aid of LinkedIn lead generation, you can discover customers, potential employees and even partners, among valuable opportunities. 

Let’s explore how: 

  • Customers

LinkedIn boasts an user base of, over 400 million individuals with more than 100 million registered professionals solely in the United States. So, if you’re looking to connect with customers and clients LinkedIn is the platform for that! A significant 74% of B2B marketers affirm that social media, including LinkedIn has been instrumental in acquiring leads for their businesses. 

  • Employees 

For employers seeking top notch talent LinkedIn can be a resource. It allows you to discover candidates from parts of the world who are either currently employed or actively searching for opportunities, in their respective fields or industries (e.g., accounting). Moreover, if you find yourself transitioning between jobs and haven’t secured your role yet LinkedIn can serve as a tool to keep yourself connected professionally. 

Moreover, employers can reap the benefits of using LinkedIn. These include sharing content such as blog articles or webinars to establish credibility and increase reach on posts. It also saves time by avoiding the need to manually email individuals every time something needs promotion, which may not have impact if sent out too late after the posting date has already passed. Additionally, prefilling information fields when submitting applications reduces the likelihood of missing details during the recruitment process since applicants are already aware of what questions to expect from prior research. 



In conclusion small businesses can greatly benefit from leveraging LinkedIn as a marketing tool. We strongly recommend considering partnering with a LinkedIn marketing agency as it will make it easier for you to connect with your target audience and potential customers compared to social media platforms. 


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