Should You Have Video Marketing?​

Video marketing strategy, video production, video editing, video hosting, video distribution.

Video Marketing
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Videos are the most engaging ads people see on social.​

With the introduction of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram video, we are seeing a massive surge in video content and usage. Social media is no longer about sharing words and images but about sharing ideas and visions through video.

  • Animated video has a 76% higher view rate than non-animated videos.
  • Video ads have 4x higher view rates than photo or text-only ads.
  • Videos boost brand and product recognition by 80%.
    Videos lead to a 21% higher conversion rate for e-commerce sites.

Customers are watching & sharing videos. Video is the new normal in marketing. ​

Video marketing is highly engaging and drives higher ROI than other forms of advertising. Video creates a personal connection between your brand and your customers. Whether you need a video for social media, paid to advertise, or even SEO, we can help you create a video marketing strategy for your business.
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We help businesses with video marketing strategy and planning.​

6 Dimensions Marketing has the experience and skills needed to help businesses become successful with their video marketing strategies. You can be new to video marketing or have been doing it for years, we can help you succeed.

We can take the time needed to interview your key stakeholders, conduct keyword research, focus on the needs of your target audience, work with co-workers to brainstorm a message that will resonate, plan and produce the videos, then get them in front of your target audience through social media and other channels.


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